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Finntroll //Vredesvävd Tour 2024 // 03.04.2024.

Finntroll //Vredesvävd Tour 2024 // 03.04.2024


3. April 2024    
19:00 - 23:00
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Finntroll + Special Guest

Vredesvävd Tour 2024


Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 20:00

The trolls of Nordic folklore are believed to be dirty creatures of enormous strength and appetite. Their grotesque physique grants them a comic element, although the humour tends to be on the grim side as these nocturne beings hunger for human flesh. Unsurprisingly, this has earned them a rather bad reputation. All things considered, FINNTROLL are the perfect embodiment of all aforementioned sentiments – although one might want to replace the hunger for human meat with an unquenchable thirst for booze.
!With their sixth full-length “Blodsvept”, FINNTROLL return to the fierce harshness of their blackened origins without giving up the perfect balance between darkened metal ferocity and melodic elements inspired by folk music from Finland and far beyond. “We have taken a step backwards”, states main composer Trollhorn. “The production is less polished and weird. To give you a rough idea, “Blodsvept” unites the raving madness of “Niflvind” (2010) with the natural approach of “Nattfödd” (2004).” According to its maker, “Blodsvept” may be described in three words: rawness, power and melody. Add fun to this description and it sums it up just nicely.
According to legend FINNTROLL were conceived one drunken night in March 1997. With a heavy dose of beer and vodka mixing a folkish melody in the “Humppa” style of Finnish polka with heavy guitars seemed a great idea to axeman Somnium (ex-Thy Serpent, Impaled Nazarene) and vocalist Katla. When the duo sobered up, the concept still kept its original appeal and thus the mighty FINNTROLL came into being.